Its a bit of a test WHO IS IT? Hi. You may be wondering what’s going on, well, I’m just mucking about seeing if I can get the style I want. Wish me luck! UI / UX DESIGN Design for Cognitive Website Mauris id blandit quam. Proin commodo facilisis erat eget cursus. See Detail APP… Continue reading Testy

Presets and Snapshots

Editing can be a lot of fun but sometimes its nice to be able to automate a process or to be able to repeat settings at the touch of a button. In this video for Fotolia I take a look at a couple of ways to do this using Adobe Camera Raw preset and snapshots,… Continue reading Presets and Snapshots

Book Review

The Digital Renaissance : Classic Paininting Techniques in Painter and Photoshop. If you’re an artist and a reader of this blog then the chances are you use Photoshop to create new pieces of art, if so then read on. If you rely more on the photographic image to start your image then sorry, this book… Continue reading Book Review