Some of the work created for customers.

Christmas Ad

Produced for Sycamore Motorrad December 2022.

Low budget, fun ‘viral’ video for sharing on social media. 

Customer remit: “We’d like Santa in the showroom”, PixelEdit did the rest.

Update Video

For this video, the customer supplied the raw video footage. PixelEdit edited the footage and added graphics, music and subtitles.

Application Tutorial

Produced for the TipSquirrel YouTube channel and website.

A popular video with two million+ views

Covid Instructional Video

Produced for Sycamore BMW Motorrad social media.

Explanation of Covid procedures once the showroom had reopened.

Live Demonstration

While working the Adobe stand at The Photography Show, I also gave several presentations on Photoshop, Mobile Apps and Adobe Stock.

Application Tutorial

Produced for the online magazine Photofocus I demonstrate using Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

Information Video

We were asked to make a short instructional film using stock video to illustrate a script. Titles and music were added to add a little informality to the video.